Product Information:

APPLICATIONS: Acura, Allis Chalmers, Case Excavators, Caterpillar Lift Trucks, Clark, Dodge, Elgyn, Ford, Hyster Trucks, Ingersoll Rand Generators, Infiniti, Isuzu Engines, John Deere Excavators, Kobelco Excavators, Kubota Tractors, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Onan, New Holland Excavators, Nissan, Perkins Engines, TCM, Toro Equipment, Vermeer Stump Grinder, Yale Forklifts. Short Brush. Mitsubishi PMGR / PLGR / OSGR Starters.

STARTER #’S: M2T10071, M2T10171, M2T10171, M2T20181, M2T20181A, M2T20181D, M2T20182, M2T23181, M2T23685, M2T24181, M2T24281, M2T25281, M2T25282, M2T25581, M2T25681, M2T31081, M2T37081, M2T50371, M2T51181, M2T52671, M2T52681, M2T54571, M2T54572, M2T57729, M2T58781, M2T63271, M2T84071, M2T84371, M2T84471, M2T84472, M2T84671, M2T85171, M2T85571, M2T85571ZC, M2T85571ZCKD, M2T87071, M2T87071ZT, M2T88971, M2T88971ZC, M3T10071, M3T10072, M3T10081, M3T10271, M3T10272, M3T10371, M3T10372, M3T10473, M3T10475, M3T10476, M3T10672, M3T10881, M3T11172, M3T11174, M3T11272, M3T12572, M3T13073, M3T15073, M3T15075, M3T15271, M3T15675, M3T15772, M3T15782, M3T15872, M3T15971, M3T19471, M3T20081, M3T20181, M3T20381, M3T20681, M3T20781, M3T21281, M3T21781, M3T21881, M3T22081, M3T22381, M3T22572, M3T22581, M3T22582, M3T22681, M3T22781, M3T23081, M3T23081, M3T24081, M3T24481, M3T24482, M3T24482A, M3T24485, M3T24486, M3T24486A, M3T24487, M3T24917, M3T25081, M3T25281, M3T25781, M3T25782, M3T25783, M3T25785, M3T25881, M3T25882, M3T25883, M3T25885, M3T25981, M3T26081, M3T26181, M3T26281, M3T26381, M3T26481, M3T26685, M3T26781, M3T26785, M3T27581, M3T27582, M3T27686, M3T27881, M3T29481, M3T29482, M3T30082, M3T30281, M3T32081, M3T32382, M3T34081, M3T34082, M3T35082, M3T36081, M3T36485, M3T41083, M3T41285, M3T80371, M4T10071, M4T10072, M4T14171, M4T14673, M4T14771, M4T14872, M4T15771, M4T16071, M4T16171, M4T16371, M4T18071, M4T18171, M4T18187, M4T74281, M8T70071, M8T70471, M8T70471A, M8T70971, M8T75171, M8T81571, M00WV3R, M00WV4R, MCA01-1, MCA02-0, MD602468, MD602470, MD607389, ME-WR, MEA01-0, MEA01-2, MEA02-0, MEA03-0, MEA03-1, MEA04-0, MEA04-1, MEA07-1, MEA13-1, MEA13-2, MEA16-0, MEA16-2, MEA16-3, MEA17-1, MEA95-0, MEC01-2, MED03-0, MED03-1, MED03-2, MED03-3, MED03-4, MED04-2, MED07-4, MGC01-0, MGC01-1, MGE01-0, MGE01-1.

LESTER #’S: 16203, 16210, 16211, 16268, 16514, 16519, 16522, 16524, 16527, 16579, 16588, 16728, 16732, 16742, 16775, 16792, 16793, 16794, 16795, 16796, 16814, 16858, 16938, 17080, 17120, 17137, 17173, 17179, 17295, 17471, 17544, 17696, 17710, 17739, 17864, 17867, 18171, 18238, 18394, 18398, 18968, 18974, 19235, 19545, 30292, 30495, 31317, 31318, 32367, 32530, 32712, 32716, 33037, 33128.

NOTE: 12515 Set Composed of 4 x 12515S.

Manufacturer: MITSUBISHI

IAT Product Number: 12515S

Original Numbers: Mitsubishi: M648C10370, M648C12170, M648C12174, M648C12370, M648C13770, MD602069, MD602468, MD602470, MD607389; Mazda: 0222-24-753, 0426-24-753; Onan: 191-1005, 191-1008; Nissan: 23380-E3010, 23380-U0110; IKA: JAS69; WAI: 68-8300.

Additional Information: Length: 17 mm, Width: 12 mm, Teeth: 7 mm, Lead Length: 38 mm.

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