Product Information:

APPLICATION: Mazda, Mercury, Mitsubishi, Nissan Applications.
STARTER #’S: M3T20781, M3T22381, M3T22781, M3T24081, M3T24485, M3T24486, M3T24487, M3T30281, M3T30282, M3T30381, M3T32081, M3T32381, M3T32781, M3T32781ZC, M3T32782, M3T33585, M3T33586, M3T34081, M3T34082, M3T39385, M3T49585.
LESTER #’S: 16527, 16708, 16728, 16741, 16742, 33128.
NOTE: Contact Surface is 7.8 mm from Bottom. Similar to 03520/P except 03520/P Contact Surface is 4.8 mm from Bottom.

Manufacturer: MITSUBISHI

IAT Product Number: 03520

Original Numbers: SERVICING: Mitsubishi: M371X31271, M371X33371, M371X63571, M371X79273, SB512F, SB533F; IAT: 02562.

Additional Information: Voltage: 12V, Cap Design: CRIMPED, Contacts Depth: 7.8 mm, Battery Terminal Length: 14.8 mm, Battery Terminal: M8 X 1.25, Motor Terminal: M8 X 1.25, Switch Terminal: Male Spade, Relay Terminal: Female Spade with Lead.

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