Manufacturer: INA

IAT Product Number: 391069

Original Numbers: Bosch:F-00M-349-878; F-00M-349-108, F-00M-349-121, F-00M-349-125; INA: F-556174, 535012810; IKA: 3-5338-1; Mazda: U201-18-W10; Toyota: 27415-0L040.

Additional Information: Pulley Type: CLUTCH; Grooves: 7; Thread: 16 x 1.5; Belt: 26.2 mm; Length: 37.7 mm; Bore: 17.0 mm; Fitting Depth: 11.1 mm; Hub to
Center of 1st Groove: 8.0 mm; Body Diameter: 58.9 mm.

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