Product Information:

APPLICATIONS: Ford / Lincoln / Mercury, Mazda, Ford Trucks. Ford 3G Series 95 Amp. Alternators.

ALTERNATOR #’S: E9DF-10300-CA, -10346-AA, E9DZ-10346-B, E9PU-10346-AA, F07F-10300-AA, F07U-10300-AA, F07U-10300-AB, F07U-10300-AC, F07U-10346-AC, F0DF-10300-AA, F0DU-10300-AA, F0DU-10300-AB, F0DU-10300-AC, F0DU-10300-BA, F0DZ-10346-A, F0DZ-10346-D, F0PU-10346-BD, F0PU-10346-CA, F0PU-10346-MC, F0PU-10346-NC, F0VF-10300-AA, F0VU-10300-AA, F0VU-10300-AB, F0VU-10300-AC, F0VY-10346-A, F0VY-10346-B, F13U-10300-AC, F13U-10300-AD, F13Z-10346-A, F17U-10300-AA, F1HT-10300-AA, F1HT-10300-AB, F1HT-10300-AC, F1PU-10346-AC, F1PU-10346-CA, F1PU-10346-DA, F1SU-10300-AC, F1SU-10300-AD, F1SU-10300-BA, F1SZ-10346-A, F1TZ-10346-B, F1TZ-10346-C, F1VU-10300-BB, F1VU-10300-BC, F1VU-10346-AD, F1VY-10346-A, F1VY-10346-B, F23U-10300-CA, F23U-10300-DA, F23Z-10346-A, F29U-10300-AB, F2HZ-10346-B, F2PU-10346-ED, F2PU-10346-FC, F2PU-10346-GA, F2UU-10300-CD, F2UU-10300-EA, F2UU-10346-CD, F2UZ-10346-C, F3HT-10300-GB, F3VU-10300-AA, F57U-10300-AA, F57U-10300-BA, F5HT-10300-AA, F5HT-10300-CA, F5HT-10300-DA, F5HZ-10346-D, F5PU-10300-GA, F5PZ-10346-GA, F65U-10300-EA, F67U-10300-AA, F67U-10300-BA, F69U-10300-AA, F6HT-10300-LA, F6HU-10300-AA, F6PU-10300-TA, F6PU-10300-UA, F6PU-10346-KA, F6PU-10346-UA, F6PZ-10346-HA, F6PZ-10346-KA, F6PZ-10346-LA, F6PZ-10346-PA, F6PZ-10346-RA, F6PZ-10346-UA, F6UU-10300-AA, F6UU-10300-BA, F6UZ-10346-SA, F77U-10300-BA, F77U-10300-BB, F7CU-10300-AB, F7CU-10300-DA, F7PU-10300-JA, F7PU-10346-JA, F7PZ-10346-JA.

LESTER #’S: 20150, 7749-11, 7749-3, 7750, 7751, 7753, 7754, 7755-11, 7755-3, 7757, 7758, 7759, 7760, 7762, 7785-3, 7790, 7794, 8258.

NOTE: Can also be used in 75, 85, 90, 110-130 Amp. IR/IF Alternators.

Manufacturer: FORD

IAT Product Number: 07701

Original Numbers: Ford: F0CF-10368-AA, F0DF-10368-AA; OREM: 150313; WAI: 27-209.

Additional Information: Voltage: 12V, Amperage: 95 Amp., Dimensions: ID – 100.25 mm, OD – 128.60 mm, Stack Thickness: 27.97 mm, Slots: 36, Exposed Stack Thickness: 27.97 mm.

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