Product Information:

APPLICATIONS: Ford 3G, 4G Series 130 Amp. IR/IF Alternators.

ALTERNATOR #’S: F0DF-10300-BA, F0DU-10300-BB, -BC, F0DZ-10346-B, -C, -E, F0PU-10346-AD, F1DU-10300-AD, -AE, -10346-AE, F1DZ-10346-A, F1DZ-10346-B, F1PU-10346-BE, F2PU-10346-AF, F2TU-10300-AF, F2UU-10300-BE, -DC, -FA, F2UU-10346-BE, F2UZ-10346-B, F37U-10300-AA, F3AU-10300-AC, -BA, -CA, F3AU-10346-AC, F3AZ-10346-A, F3DU-10300-BB, F3DZ-10346-B, F3HT-10300-LA, F3HZ-10346-B, F3PU-10346-AC, F3PU-10346-BA,-CA, F3UU-10300-AE, -AF, F3UZ-10346-A, F4DU-10300-AA, -AD, -BA, -CA, -DA, F4OU-10300-CA, F4PU-10300-AA, -CA, -10346-AA, F4PU-10346-BA, -CA, -DA, F4PZ-10346-B, -C, -D, F4SU-10300-AB, F4ZU-10300-DA, F58U-10300-AA, F58U-10300-AB, F58Z-10346-A, F58Z-10346-ARM, F5AU-10300-AA, F5HT-10300-BA, F5HZ-10346-E, F5OU-10300-FA, -FB, -FC, F5OY-10346-A, F5PU-10346-BA, -CA, -EA, F5RU-10300-BA, -BB, F5RU-10300-BC, -10346-BA, -BC, F5RZ-10346-A, F5RZ-10346-B, F5UU-10300-AA, F5UU-10300-BA, F5UZ-10346-A, F65U-10300-BB, F68U-10300-AD, F68Z-10346-AD, F6AU-10300-AA, F6AU-10300-AB, F6AZ-10346-AA, F6DU-10300-BB, -BC, -BD, -DB, F6DU-10300-DC, -DD, -FA, F6DZ-10346-B, -D, F6HT-10300-KA, F6HT-10300-MA, F6LU-10300-CA, F6LU-10300-CB, -CC, -CD, F6LY-10346-A, F6OU-10300-AA, F6OU-10300-AB, F6OY-10346-AA, F6PU-10300-BA, -10346-AA, -AAE, -BA, -EB, -TA, F6PU-10346-XA, F6PZ-10346-AE, -AF, -B, -EA, -TA, F6PZ-10346-XA, F6RZ-10346-AA, F6RZ-10346-BB, F6UU-10300-CA, -DA, -EA, -EB, F6UU-10300-FA, F6UZ-10346-VA, F6ZU-10300-AA, -AB, -AC, -BB, F6ZU-10300-BC, -BE, -BG, F6ZZ-10346-B, F75U-10300-CA, -CB, F77U-10300-AB, -AC, F77Z-10346-AB, F78U-10300-AA, F78Z-10346-AA, F7AU-10300-AA, F7AZ-10346-AA, F7PU-10346-FA, F7PU-10346-KA, F7PZ-10346-KA, F7RZ-10346-FA, F7UU-BB, -BC, F7UU-10300-CB, F7ZU-10300-AA, F85U-10300-AA, -AB, -BA, F8DU-10300-AA, F8OU-10300-CA, -CB, -CC, -CA, F8OZ-10346-CA, F8OZ-10346-CA, F8PU-10346-CA, F8PZ-10346-CA, F8ZU-10300-AA, XL1U-10300-BB, -BC, -BD, XL2U-10300-AA, XL2Z-10346-AA, XL3U-10300-AA, XL3U-10300-AB, XL3U-10300-BA, XL3U-10300-BB, XL3U-10300-BC, XL3U-10300-CA, XL3U-10300-CB, XL3Z-10346-AA, XU2U-10346-AA, XU2Z-10346-AA, XW7U-10300-AA, -AC, -AD, XW7Z-10346-AA.

LESTER #’S: 7748, 7752, 7756-3, 7756-7, 7764, 7765, 7768, 7769, 7770, 7771, 7773, 7774, 7775, 7776, 7777, 7778-11, 7778-3, 7780, 7781, 7784, 7786, 7787, 7791, 7792, 8251, 8267, 8269, 8403, 8442, 8474, 8519.

NOTE: Can also be used in 115 Amp. Alternators.

Manufacturer: FORD

IAT Product Number: 07702

Original Numbers: Ford: E9DF-10368-AA, F0DFM-10368-AA, F6DU-10368-AA; WAI: 27-212;

Additional Information: Voltage: 12V, Amperage: 130 Amp., Dimensions: ID – 112.2 mm, OD – 141.8 mm, Stack Thickness: 27.97 mm, Slots: 36, Exposed Stack Thickness: 27.97 mm.

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