Product Information: PARTS:? Ball Bearing? B763 / B6202, Brush Holder ? 13502, Brush Set ?11504.

APPLICATIONS:? TOYOTA Lift Trucks: 4SG-10 4Y Engine, 4SG-12 4Y Engine, 4SG-15 4Y Engine 1994-2005, 5FD-33 11Z Engine, 5FD-35 11Z Engine, 5FD-38 11Z Engine, 5FD-40 11Z Engine, 5FD-45 11Z Engine, 5FDE-35 11Z Engine, 5FG-10 4Y Engine, 5FG-10 5K Engine, 5FG-14 4Y Engine, 5FG-14 5K Engine, 5FG-15 4Y Engine, 5FG-15 5K Engine, 5FG-18 4Y Engine, 5FG-18 5K Engine, 5FG-20 4P Engine, 5FG-20 4Y Engine, 5FG-20 5K Engine, 5FG-23 4P Engine, 5FG-23 4Y Engine, 5FG-23 5K Engine, 5FG-25 4P Engine, 5FG-25 4Y Engine, 5FG-25 5K Engine, 5FG-28 4Y Engine, 5FG-30 4Y Engine, 5FGL-10 5K Engine, 5FGL-14 5K Engine, 5FGL-15 5K Engine, 5FGL-18 5K Engine, 5FGL-20 4P Engine, 5FGL-20 5K Engine 1989-1994, 6FG-28 4Y Engine 1994-2005, 6FG-28 5K Engine 1994-2007, 6FG-30 4Y Engine 1994-2005, 6FG-30 5K Engine, 6FGC-25 4Y Engine 6FGL-10 5K Engine, 6FGL-14 4Y Engine 1994-2007, 6FGL-14 5K Engine 1994-2005, 6FGL-15 4Y Engine, 6FGL-15 5K Engine, 6FGL-18 4Y Engine, 6FGL-18 5K Engine, 6FGL-20 4Y Engine, 6FGL-20 5K Engine, 6FGL-23 4Y Engine, 6FGL-23 5K Engine, 6FGL-25 4Y Engine, 6FGL-25 5K Engine 1994-2007.

NOTES: Denso Alternator for Toyota Lift Trucks. The Top DE Mounting Ear is 6 mm x 1.0 (Threaded), the Bottom Mounting Ears are 8.2 mm (Unthreaded).

Manufacturer: DENSO

IAT Product Number: A12185

Original Numbers: Denso: 100211-6970; Toyota: 27070-23001, 27070-23001-71; Pic: 290-186; Lester: 12185.

Additional Information: Voltage: 12V, Amperage: 50 Amp., Regulator: Internal, Plug Type: Oval-Shaped, Terminals: IG-S-L, Pulley Type: 1-V Solid.

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